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Space Synapse - Bringing Space to Earth and Astronaut and Cosmonaut Communities to the Internet

Mon, 27 Feb 2012

Space Synapse - Bringing Space to Earth and Astronaut and Cosmonaut Communities to the Internet

6:30pm Thursday 19th May 2011

Speaker: Anna Hill MA RCA Founder of Space Synapse Systems discusses the motivations and the vision of the space technology company.

Birkbeck College
Keynes Library
43 Gordon Square
London WC1H 0PD


Space Synapse is an emerging space technology company specializing in innovation architecture founded by Anna Hill, artist /designer and entrepreneur. The company aims to bring the experiences of Space to the Internet through gaming, virtual edutainment and environmental engineering. SpaceSynapse will supply augmented experiences, products and services to the education and entertainment mass market.

Development of Space Synapse's products has been funded in part by ESA's European Space Business Incubator programme at ESTEC at Noordwijk whereSpace Synapse was a member from 2006 to 2008. Space Synapse was founded in Dublin Ireland and is now based in London UK. The start-up is supported by in-house expert consultants with extensive international background experience in the design and engineering of projects in space and on the ground in the USA and Europe for clients that include NASA, ESA and commercial aerospace companies and start-up ventures. Space governance and Space Studies, international cooperation for human exploration and the peaceful uses of outer space are represented in our values that have a non-military commercialisation policy. Recent and ongoing projects for ESA by Space Synapse's in-house consultants comprise the development and flight testing of spaceflight physics experiments for schools, a terrain mobility test laboratory for the EXOMARS rover at ESTEC, an underground human isolation laboratory in Belgium and the development of European space industry sustainability guidelines.

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