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Art and Robotics a discussion led by Alex Zivanovic

Mon, 27 Feb 2012

Art and Robotics a discussion led by Alex Zivanovic

6:30 for 7:00 Tuesday 26 July 2005

System Simulation Ltd.
Bedford Chambers,
The Piazza,
Covent Garden,

Alex Zivanovic will lead a discussion on the use of robots in art. The scope will include both robots used to generate art (e.g. Aaron) and robots as art ("cybernetic sculpture" e.g. The Senster). Alex will give a brief overview of both past and contemporary work, leading to an open discussion. The particular topics will depend on the interests of those taking part but could include:

  • how can we use robots to explore Art ?
  • how can robots be used to examine contemporary issues (surveillance, personal space, etc)?
  • what are the constraints in producing such works (cost, complexity, etc) ?
  • who would produce such works: artists, engineers or collaborations
  • how would a collaboration work ?
  • where should cybernetic sculptures be installed: art galleries or science museums ?
  • possible future projects
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