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Measures of Life by The Lumen Prize

Measures of Life by The Lumen Prize

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2018 - Sun, 30 Sep 2018

Venue: Humber St Gallery, Hull

Lumen is honoured to be partnering with Humber St Gallery in Hull, UK, to present 'Measures of Life', a contemporary art show featuring six Lumen finalists and winners from the UK, Russia, US and Germany. The show will take over the whole gallery and run for six weeks.

'Measures of Life' will explore how time and space define how we perceive reality in our hyper-connected world. These new realities become malleable and flexible, offering more possibilities than ever before.

As we become more defined by the data we create, how does this affect our self-worth – or the way we look at each other? Can a relationship blossom in the midst of mass digital surveillance? Do we ever really die online? As our cities get smarter, what will they learn about our habits and what control can they passively exert over us? If we are collectively training the machines of the future through our actions, how will they react to what they see and hear?

The artists taking part in this exhibition tackle these questions through a variety of media, from robotics to augmented reality, giving shape to the diverse ways we can live with technology. Visitors will be asked to interact with many of the artworks as well as watching the works develop independently under their gaze.

All of the participating artists are winners or finalists of the Lumen Prize for digital art.

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