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Post-/ Human

Post-/ Human

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2018, 19:30 - 22:00

Venue: The Library, 112 St Martin's Ln, London

When Hayles coined the term "Posthuman", she postulated that our concept of consciousness increasingly relies on machine support, the subordination of body under mind, pointing to the blurring of lines between machine and human. Joshua Labare points to the role of feminist and queer theory in this context. Resonating concepts of Haraway's Cyborg manifesto, artists continue to question effects of technological impact on society, on concepts of gender, intimacy, communication. Since Jeffrey Deitch's exhibition "Posthuman", 25 years ago, artists continue to question ideas of technology as prosthetic, as conscious entity, as social game changer - in ever challenging ways.

With FLUX: Post-/Human, we ask about the present and future of the limits between human and technology in Media Art. Is consciousness really an epiphenomenon, its embodiment a happy accident or can it be a human creation? How does the synthesis between human and machine affect our perception of self and other? Where is posthuman Art heading? Curated by Oliver Gingrich, FLUX invites an array of contemporary artists working across different media to discuss Post-/Human practices.

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